What will 2022 Bring for the Crypto and NFT Space?

Take a journey down any newsfeed of the most popular social media platforms, and you’ll find engaging videos and explainers from newly minted NFT and crypto specialists trying to sell you a course or teach you how to release a new collection. Why? Because the past years have made millionaires out of everyday users that chose to get in on the ground level of the Metaverse.

Consider the power of Bitcoin, Web 3.0’s favorite digital currency for a moment. You could have purchased a Bitcoin for $1 in 2011 and now be sitting on over $46K, and the same exponential growth is about to hit a bunch of other digital assets like real estate, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and virtual rental spaces. So, what does 2022 have in store for this unique market?

Everyone is Going to Start Accepting Crypto

Get ready for your Walmart and Target shopping sprees because they’re about to be on board. Many in the industry are predicting more rapid acceptance of significant cryptocurrencies as payment for everything from a gallon of milk to diapers.

The reason this is happening is because of the trust factor and length of time crypto like Bitcoin have been out on the market. It has taken more than 10 years of news stories about Bitcoin for major retailers like Microsoft, Overstock, Home Depot, Starbucks, and more to let consumers pay with the popular cryptocurrency.

As we move into the new year, you can expect other currencies like Ethereum and altcoins like Dogecoin to be brought into the mix. You should also keep a close eye on any country’s currency-backed cryptos. Those late bloomers who don’t understand how the blockchain works will most likely throw their support behind cryptocurrency that has backing from the US dollar like Tether, USD Coin, and Binance USD.

NFTs are Going to Explode in Popularity

When you have everyone from famous online marketer Gary V to former first lady Melania Trump advertising their NFT collections, you know the market is about to tip. We are past the early adopter phase and are about to experience a massive spike in NFT activity.

Sales of NFTs are setting new records, with certain images grossing more than $17 million. This is only going to grow as museums, colleges, celebrities, and influencers start bringing in their own artists to capture more of the Metaverse marketplace.

Get Ready for Big Brother

You cannot have this much money changing hands without paying the piper. While the US government is at a practical standstill, we can expect other regulatory boards to start trying to impose taxes or other restrictions on the Web 3.0 space.

It doesn’t matter if these leaders recognize the capabilities crypto offers. They will see everyday people with substantial bank accounts and want a piece for themselves.

How to Move Forward

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